Now What?®
The Five-Step Quick Guide to Clarity

From "Is this really all there is?"
to knowing (and getting) what you want

  • You’ve binged your way through everything Netflix has to offer
  • You yelled at your loved ones - again
  • Work is a constant stream of stress that leaves you exhausted
  • You have this nagging feeling that you’re built to do so much more

       You need a change now.
       But you’re not sure what.
       Or how, in this environment.

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This guide is the 5 step process that pulls you up out of your slump, knocks the cobwebs out of your head, the inertia out of your body and shows you how to layout the map to take you where you want to go - even if you don’t know where that is yet!
This quick guide will get you on the transformational path to uncover who you are and get what you want. It’ll show you:

  • The 2-part equation that makes the impossible possible
  • What you need less of in order to create clarity (hint: It’ll leave your home looking tidy!)
  • What it really means when you say you don’t know what you want to do - and the 2-step action that turns it around

Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC

Laura Berman Fortgang is an internationally recognized pioneer in the personal coaching field. 

With best-selling books, high-profile features, a TEDx Talk with 1.4 million views and even appearing as a guest on Oprah, Laura knows what patterns and habits you need to form (and get rid of) to create a career and life you LOVE. 
She loves nothing more than channeling her expertise to help you create clarity and purpose in your life. And, with 27 years of marriage, caretaking elders, teenage twins in college (from home), and a kid stuck home post-in college thanks to COVID - she can handle anything that’s going on in your life!